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Ben Van Treese Testimonial Pic 4-4-18.jpg

Ben, Rock Climber & Personal Trainer, Park City, UT

“…I came out of PT climbing stronger than I ever had. Where some PT's treat you as if you are fragile and push you away from the things you love, Matt works with you to keep you in your game while working to resolve your physical issues.”


Zach, Olympic Weightlifter, Chicago, IL

“…Matt's teachings have been invaluable to my lifting today! My nagging injuries have subsided and I now have the confidence that once I put the weight over head that it will not be a matter of chance if I make the lift. I would recommend Matt to anyone who wants to see progress in their lifts and bulletproof their body.”

Chris Betts Testimonial Pic 3-20-18.jpg

Chris, Auto-Mechanic, Columbus, OH

“…After working with Matt, I can work a full shift without pain! I can ratchet, lift, hammer, and pry for the first time in years, pain-free! I have my full range of motion back. I have no limitations in relation to my shoulder. I was also able to pick up a golf club and swing at the driving range for the first time in over a year. I did not ever imagine that I would have improved as much as I did under Matt's care.”

The Diverge 3-Step Process:

1) Relieve The Pain

We start by finding the source of your pain and give you a plan to get you out of pain quickly. You'll then be given targeted exercises you can do on your own to stay pain free.

2) Fix The Root Cause

Rarely is where it hurts actually the root cause of your pain. Through our thorough movement assessment, we work to find the root cause of your pain and give you a plan to fix it.

3) Perform Your Best

With your pain gone and the root cause of your problem fixed, you can finally get back to the workouts and sports you love, without fear of it coming back. Let's do this!

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