We Help Active Adults & Athletes In The Columbus Area Get Rid Of Pain And Back To Workouts & Sports They Love
Without Surgery, Stopping Activities You Love or Relying On Pain Medicine.

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How Can Diverge Performance Therapy Help Me?


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Did Your Doctor Tell You To Just Rest Or Stop Doing Things That Hurt?

That's not a solution...it's avoidance, and it won't solve your problem. Check out these guides for some quick tips to help you stay fit, active and healthy!

The Diverge 3-Step Process:

Step 1: Relieve Pain

First, we use a variety of hands on techniques to get you pan free and moving better quickly.

Step 2: Fix Root Cause

With pain gone, we help you improve strength, mobility & stability to keep you pain-free.

Step 3: Education

We teach you to use movement as medicine, so you stay pain free once you're finished with us.


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